Pep Tea – Organic Teas

Pep Tea is an Australian manufacturer of premium quality organic Kombucha Tea. They also import premium matcha tea.

Pep Tea’s four Kombucha flavours are FREE FROM; Sugar, Caffeine, Gluten, GMO, Lactose, Fat , and from Preservatives.
Its is also LOW CALORIE, LOW CARBS , and LOW GI & Vegan Friendly…
Because Pep Tea are one of the few that have the science right, their kombucha is not overly fizzy. It’s just right.

Compare this slightly larger 350ml bottle for price and for taste. Your customers will come back for this brand.
Importantly this brand is shelf stable. It requires no refrigeration until opened.

Pep Tea Organic Kombucha
Pep Tea Organic Kombucha - A great Sugar Free substitute for Kids (cartons of 12)

Organic Match Tea Powder - Imported from Japan

Pep Tea’s Organic Match Tea is imported from the famous old tea plantations of southern Japan.
This region is universally recognized as the only place to supply the ultimate stone ground young tea leaf for high quality and taste.
It is certified organic by the Japanese minister of Agriculture.


Supreme Ceremonial Matcha Tea
Supreme Ceremonial Matcha Tea
Imperial Ceremonial Grade Match Tea
Imperial Ceremonial Grade Match Tea
Imperial Ceremonial grade Matcha100g
Imperial Ceremonial grade Matcha100g
Premium Culinery grade Matcha100g
Premium Culinary grade Matcha100g