Plum Foods Granola

Plum Foods

Plum Foods are a long establish Australian artisan manufacture of breakfast cereals particularly wholefood crunchy granola and bircher muesli.

Plum started as a specialist gourmet granola manufacturer to the posh cafes of Sydney. It morphed into providing consumer size packs for retailers after cafe clients kept asking to buy a bag to take home.

You customers will love their tasty and crunchy clusters of granola. Their signature product Maple Nut Crunch has won a Gold Medal at the Great Taste Awards in the UK.

Maple Nut Crunch
Cranberry Crunch healthy breakfast cereal by Plum Foods Australian organic granola and muesli manufactureres of organic easy healthy breakfast cereals
Fig and Apricot Bircher Muesli

Maple Nut Crunch

Cranberry Crunch

How to eat a Bircher Muesli

Maple Nut Crunch Gluten Free
Apple Supreme Paleo
Cranberry Crunch Granola
Fig and Apricot Bircher
Maple Nut Crunch 9kg Catering Pack

Maple Nut Crunch (with its organic oats and pesticide free almonds) is the perfect crunchy granola for for the organic Acai Bowl.
Whether you need a 9kg Catering pack for your cafe or a 1kg for small cafe or if you need something better for the gourmet isle of your store, Plum Food’s tasty crunchy, granolas will get you there.
Cartons: 6 x 1kg or 12 x 500g (or 9kg Catering pack MNC only)